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UCU Sussex Anti-Racist Action Plan 2020

Following our branch meeting on anti-racist organising last week, a working group has formed to develop an action plan which we now share below and as a downloadable PDF here.

This plan represents a starting place for dismantling structures of white supremacy at Sussex. We see this as a broad collective project and would like to encourage UCU members, staff and students who have any suggestions to get involved as there is much for us to learn too. If you have suggestions and/or would like to be part of this work, please get in touch by emailing .

We are particularly keen to hear from Black UCU members and members of colour in developing our plans as a branch. We appreciate that those not already involved in these conversations may be better positioned to lead and direct these projects based on their experiences and are keen to elevate your voices. We are in contact with colleagues in Unison, Unite and the BAME Staff Network, as well as Decolonise Sussex and USSU, setting in motion a collaborative approach to this work.

Our initial activities will include the beginnings of our political education programme in anti-racist organising. Details coming soon.


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