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UCU Sussex votes to support campaign for resignation of external examiners

UUK and the VC’s have recently voted to implement cuts to USS benefits, averaging 35%. 93 institutions voted in favour of that decision including the University of Sussex. We need to pressure these institutions to change their positions, and ensure that the robbery of members' pensions does not go unanswered.

To that end, at its EGM on 11th March Sussex UCU passed a motion calling on UCU Sussex to:

1) support the grassroots campaign for the resignation of external examiners, from the 93 institutions that voted for pension cuts (including from University of Sussex);

2) to publicly support any external examiners choosing to resign from University of Sussex and who face any repercussions for doing so;

3) and, to call on UCU National to support this campaign and encourage other branches to pass similar motions.

By supporting this campaign we show our intention to keep up pressure on the vice chancellors (including Sussex interim VC David Maguire) so that they re-evaluate their decision, pending UCU legal challenge over their manipulation and sabotage of the JNC negotiation process.

To participate in the national campaign please log your resignations here


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