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We provide advice, support and representation to members, assisting with problems in the workplace and remedying them where possible.

We also provide learning opportunities and resources for campaigns and professional development.

If you need support with a problem at work, in the first instance, please raise your issue with the local branch committee by sending a brief description to the Branch Administrator at, or completing our contact form

  • Law
    Matthew Evans (
  • Politics
    Jonathan Moss (
  • Sociology
    Simone Santorso (
  • Media Arts & Humanities
    Emma Harrison ( Dan Sumner ( Daniel Molto ( Feras Alkabani ( Jake Norris ( Joanna Pawlik ( Kam Meakin ( Katherine Kruger ( Tanya Kant (
  • Economics
    Richard Tol (
  • SPRU
    Richard Tol ( )
  • Management
    Benjamin Everly ( Matt Cole (
  • Education & Social Work
    Nimi Hoffmann (
  • Engineering
    None. Contact
  • Informatics
    George Parisis ( Andy Philippides (
  • Anthropology
    Rebecca Prentice ( Alice Wilson (
  • Geography
    Andrew Hook (
  • International Development
    Nathali Arias (
  • International Relations
    Earl Gammon ( Julian Germann (
  • Global Studies PGR Reps
    Tom Cowin ( Tanja Weis ( Nicky Sharma ( Amy McGourty (
  • IDS
    Imogen Belwood-Howard ( Alice Webb ( Becky Faith (
  • Ian Lund ( Simon Dangoor (
  • Biochemistry
    None. Contact
  • Maths
    Mick Taylor (
  • Physics and Astronomy
    Jackie Grant (
  • Library
    Danny Millum ( )
  • Psychology Reps
    Viv Vignoles ( Heather Taylor ( Harry Lewis ( John Drury (

Learning and Further Resources

All workers should have access to training and development and university employees are no exception. 

If your continuing professional development needs are not being met by your employer we can help you find relevant training or you want to see improvements to the Sussex training offer the branch can negotiate on this. 

UCU and the TUC offer a range of education and training courses and resources. When applying to attend a course, please inform our Learning Rep Ciaran Clark who is able to support you in securing your statutory rights to time-off for training. 

Check out the regular learning and events column in our newsletter for upcoming opportunities as well as following the links below:

UCU Continuing Professional Development Resources
UCU Activist Education Programme
TUC Education

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