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Donations to our Strike Fund

Friends, supporters and colleagues of Sussex UCU staff:

As a branch we currently face time-limited deductions for those participating in the marking and assessment boycott (MAB). Deductions are completely disproportionate to the amount of labour being withdrawn with many who had only a few essays to mark being deducted hundreds of pounds. Members taking part in the boycott will face salary deductions capped at 50 days. This means the maximum deduction any participant will face is the equivalent of 12.5 days’ salary (that is 25% of 50 days).

Our negotiators are continuing to push for 0% deductions, making the case that MAB deductions are counterproductive.


UCEA are also refusing to negotiate, and management continue to inflict punitive deductions and threaten redundancies in UCU branches.


However, the MAB is working, nationally and locally, and pressure is being piled onto the employers.


We know we can win a better settlement that will benefit ALL staff, as we have done before. But we still need to increase the size of our strike fund to protect us from strike deductions, particularly for our most vulnerable members, Professional Services colleagues and Doctoral Tutors.


We welcome all support from our friends from within and beyond Sussex, in particular we also ask staff not facing deductions to consider a level of wage sharing they can manage through donations.


Please participate in our salary sharing scheme: 

We are asking you to pledge to share your wage by making a donation via bank transfer to the Salary Sharing fund until our colleagues are back in work and receiving their full wage once more. 

The suggested pledges are:

•    £25/month if you earn less than £40k
•    £50/month if you earn £40-50K
•    £100/month if you earn £50-60K
•    £150/month if you earn £60K +

These are only suggestions, and we ask that people support what they can afford. 

How to donate?

You can donate via bank transfer to the Sussex UCU bank account.

Account details for bank transfer:

UCU Sussex LA75 Hardship Fund Account
Account number: 20239107
Sort code: 60-83-01

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