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Take Back Sussex: global grassroots lessons on democratising & reclaiming our universities

This month Take Back Sussex put on two online meetings. These were both recorded and can be accessed through the links below for anyone who missed them.

The first meeting was called What if our university could be more democratic?. It featured contributions from George Xylomenos, Birgul Kutan, and Fatma Gök about their experiences of democracy in Greek and Turkish universities; the attacks on democracy, and the struggles of academics and students in defending democracy.

The second meeting was called Solidarity during the 'Outsourcing Must Fall' Campaign. After the major outsourcing of workers in South African Universities in the 90s, a key demand of the student movement that arose in 2015 was to end outsourcing. This was part of a call for a decommodified and decolonised university system. Mondli Hlatshwayo gave an account of the various groups involved, and how they united to defeat outsourcing.

Take Back Sussex is a grassroots staff and student campaign fighting redundancies, insecure work, and profiteering at the University of Sussex and in higher education more broadly. Profit over people. Education first! In these times, and always! Sign up to the mailing list here for info on events and actions. Follow the campaign on Twitter and Instagram.


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