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VC's reply: disappointing and wrong

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Sussex UCU has received a reply from Sussex VC David Maguire to the letter from 1000+ Students, Staff, Emeriti and Alumni of the University.

The VC’s reply argues that

  • Sussex has worked to significantly reduce the level of casualisation including by outsourcing casualised payroll to Reed Talent Solutions

  • many pay gaps arise from structural and societal issues “beyond our control”

The reply, received on 8 April 2022, also repeats the incorrect statement on USS made to Senators on 5 April that:

Under Scheme rules the next opportunity to influence the contribution and benefits package is the next valuation which must be no later than March 2023.

It was pointed out to the VC on 6 April that this was incorrect. Even USS has confirmed the VC’s statement to be incorrect. See Section III (update 13 April 2022) of Mike Otsuka’s analysis citing the USS position: “the JNC can propose benefit changes at any time”.

We are left asking: is Sussex leadership now post-truth?

Please forward this blog post to students, staff, emeriti and alumni who may not be aware of the reply and signed the open letter to the VC with the fair expectation of a truthful response.

Please also forward to any University of Sussex Senators who may not yet be aware that they have been misled in the VC’s email of 5 April 2022.

Photo credit: Kevin Simmons


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